Love is never love until marriage.

Have you ever wondered if true love exists? This is a common question everyone asks at some point of their lives. The truth is – as long we give in sexually to our partners before marriage, we will never know true love. True love is a mix of respect and mystery, and having sex before the security of commitment causes both to be lost.

Girls, the wonderful creation from God are meant to be loved and respected. Having sex only AFTER Marriage is the BEST way to show a girl love & respect. In fact, it works both ways. The beauty of sex only comes alive when there is mutual respect and trust.

Your friends may say that there are other reasons that cause breakups, but studies have shown that the root cause of any relationship break down is the loss of respect and trust.

We claim that it is hard, maybe even impossible to live without sex, but have you considered that we can live even BETTER without it before marriage? We will even feel better too! Statistics already show that couples who have a good, strong relationship are the ones who save sex for marriage.

Remember your own decision years ago to save yourself for your life partner? Somehow along the way, you met that guy or girl who rocked your world, and touched you in places that made you feel so good. What has become of that person in your life now? Can you even remember his or her name? Perhaps, but more likely, you remember how they broke your heart and caused you to betray your own body and your own promise to yourself.

The decadence of our society has caused us to believe that sex is normal before marriage. It has become part of our culture. If you are engaging in pre-marital sex, do not feel condemned, instead, know that you have allowed society to rule your choices in life. But you can take back your choices – you can decide to continue “enjoying” sex, or you can choose to TRULY enjoy life by having sex with a life partner filled with security and respect.

ALWAYS remember that culture is a man-made re-structuring of LIFE’s original GOOD plans for us. Even blockbuster movies or Channel 8 promotes sex before marriage. These TV producers are known for their personal failures in marriage. So why let such people tell us how to run our lives?

You can defy the norm by saying NO to sex before marriage. Even if you’ve tried to do it before, you can make a difference in your life NOW by saving it. It will bring you to a higher level of dignity and glory.

If your partner gets mad and says you’re old fashioned, just let him or her know that you would rather be old-fashioned and original than be new-aged and deprived.

If your friends tease you, just let them know that for you to be like them would only take a night, but for them to be like you – courage and honour, which you doubt they have!

Planning to have a relationship soon? Do not give in sexually to your partner and see the results. Their true colours will be shown and you will either be single again OR begin your journey to having the HIGHEST moments in your life because the REAL feeling of sex is MAXIMISED after marriage!

Since most of the people cannot control their desires in a relationship, then have your partner marry you before any sexual activities. Marriage will give him/her:

  • Respect and Commitment to you. (Which are usually lost in sex before marriage.)
  • Accountability to elders/parents. (Ever met a guy or girl who is accountable to no one? Similarly, they will not be accountable to you and can leave you anytime.)
  • Security and control.

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