The “Wanabe Rich” belief.

Let’s not deceive ourselves anymore and wake up from the dream of being a millionaire overnight. It’s really an illusion which all began somewhere at an earlier stage of our lives. Here are the root causes that makes us want to be rich in life:

  • We were condemned by someone or our parents that if we didn’t succeed, we are a failure.
  • We were fooled by advertising visuals that you must look like this, wear this watch and drive this car  in order to be accepted into society.
  • We were not able to get the simple things we want because were not working and therefore ego and desires were built into us subconsciously.

We all look forward to the day we can be super rich with millions of dollars in our bank accounts. The truth it – it only comes by work and integrity in life. It’s a ‘sad’ truth but it’s better to know it now. If the huge amount of millions were to come to us, we will not be able to handle it and we’ll be back to square one eventually. This is a sure fact that is still happening to those who have it – whether gaining it overnight by gambling or through their family’s inheritance.

How about those who prayed to GOD to be rich? It should be obvious enough that people who prayed such prayers don’t usually end up loaded overnight. The fact is that GOD loves you too much! You WILL self-destruct if He gave you a million bucks instantly.  What does it mean? Here’s a very real example: You have a 10year old son and daughter. You give them each $1000 to spend without any questions asked because they asked for it. Fast forward 1 week later, the money is all spent. They probably dropped it even or gave to their friends who asked for it. Do not laugh because this is what we’ll do too at our age.

GOD is more interested in inner development of the heart before the outward manifestations of the results. But we always love the other way round which leads to death. Look at any rich playboy out there today. No elaborations are needed for their morality.

Nothing wrong prospering.
Yes, it’s okay to prosper like nobody’s business. But there are steps before we can attain it. Those steps and experiences will build our heart and character that will save us from death itself.  The sooner we know this, the faster we can be really rich.

It’s better for someone to earn a reasonable sum of money and owes no debts. Instead of someone who earns 5 figures but owns a hell bound of credit cards and car loan bills.

When there’s hard work and integrity, money will find us automatically. So do not worry about the amount of earnings or your future.

A point to take note is that never lend people money regardless of how close they are to you.

Here’s a truth about friends who borrow money – People who borrow hardly have any genuine problem. It’s only the way they spent their dollars. We will be mature enough to understand this. If we were to assist people who have spending problems, we’ll drive them nearer to their graves by lending them more.

The only solution is this – If you feel their problems are really genuine and you are willing to lend them money, make sure you are getting ready to loose that amount. The chances of them returning are low. This is just human’s nature.

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