The Rich Secret

“Money grows on trees” – how true this statement is as paper from trees is used to make our dollar bills.  How nice if money could fall from the trees just like leaves!  If you’ve always wanted to become rich and successful someday, it can be that easy if you know the value of SAVING!  The problem modern day folks are facing is not really the lack of money, but rather the condemning words from people who worry too much, declaring that earning some $2-3K is not enough and success and happiness can only be achieved with a four digit salary!  That is of course, nonsense!

The secret to becoming wealthy is all about having the ability to spend less than we earn. It’s is all based on our incoming and outgoing cash flow every month.  This simply means not spending $2k if our job pays us $1.5k. You might not know it but the majority of  people out there are spending way higher than they are earning and you shouldn’t let them advise you on  “life and success” when they don’t even know how to manage themselves properly.

So, just save more than your monthly spending, and invest in things like insurance savings which will give you a bigger payout at a later age. Take a look at these real life examples below if you are still haunted by the stereotypical fear that you must be a millionaire in order to become successful. Do not feel condemned if you practice these vices.  What’s more important is to realize the snare and trap of them.

Gambling - it makes one pay no attention to probability and risk as when everything is sunk in, just to win the match in order to feel good.
A rich man earns $25k to $40k monthly but he buys a Lamborghini at the lowest $7k monthly installment payment. He invests in stocks, lands and many other diversified things which could earn back over the months. But he went to the casino just one time and lost all that he has. And even signed on credit. His savings is negative after the year ended.

Who is richer in terms of cash now? The rich man can’t even be compared to some ‘losers’ earning $1000 a month who can save $200 monthly, up to $2.4k by year end.


Buying sweep stakes – its chances are SERIOUSLY way too LOW. Research proves the amount we bought in our whole life will NEVER be higher than all the winnings we won from it. Now do you see it?

  • The probability of winning TOTO: 1 in 8 million (Singapore Pools Statistics).
  • The probability of winning Cash/Condo: 1 in 300k to 1 million usually.
  • BUT THE PROBABILITY OF GETTING RICH through savings: Instant Win!

Just spend lesser than what we earn in order to save, because even if we earn just $1k, we’ll have more sooner than those losing money in casinos or those who are living in debt.


Greed – it leads to a life not worth living for. Having integrity is probably the most important characteristic of a person. Without it, it’s as good as a having a dead person as a friend.

A man earns $5k monthly and strives to earn more. He cheats, manipulates and lies just to get that amount. Would you rather have a friend like this? Or have a simple friend who does part-time work at McDonald’s earning $1.5K monthly but has integrity that you admire?


To sum this up, take a look at what you have, then take a look at what you’re spending on every month.

You say you want to be rich – are there things you are spending on that you can give up?  Would you be happier earning more money, or simply spending less?


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