The revival of Ancient god – Osiris

The video below this article, will be one of the most astounding reality you will ever discover. Some points may have been known by conspiracy theorists, but now it all blends together.

There are 36 levels of authorities that the President of the United States must submit to, before making any speech or planning any war. These authorities are mostly elite bankers and rich tycoons that controls the world, whom they created religions, technologies, medical industries, stock markets and financial dollar system. Call them the “Illuminati”, “Freemasons” or “satanists”. Whatever they are called, they are being blinded by strong demonic forces working to revive the spirit of an ancient fallen deity called OSIRIS.

OSIRIS – be it a good god or an evil god, he has only one motive: To blind the people of earth to worship him instead of the one TRUE GOD. The fall of Adam and Eve began when Satan tricked them to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge of GOOD & EVIL instead of the TREE OF LIFE. Meaning, KNOWING GOOD & EVIL won’t save you, ONLY LIFE can save us,  and GOD is LIFE.

The same trick is being used on us today, to wants us to feed from the tree of knowledge of good & evil instead of the Tree of Life. Fallen deities cannot save us from hell upon death. OSRIS wants the souls of humans to join his other fallen deities in Hell instead. Since the world’s system is being controlled by the rich elites and bankers whom influence was from OSIRIS, this fallen deity’s spirit has also influenced their business modules’ main purpose – which is to destroy our GOD-made DNA. This is happening all over the world, e.g.:

  • Medical sectors. Western Medicine is destroying more health and eliminating Chinese Medicine which is the only natural way to cure illness & diseases.
  • Food Poisoning. Even fruits that are non organically grown will be affected with CANCEROUS pesticides.
  • Technologies. From basic electrical lighting to even the mobile phones that we use contains radiation, that shortens our age lifespans. It is cancerous too.
  • Forced DNA change. Manipulated and programmed cells have been part of our main ingredients in healthy foods. These cells have an intelligence beyond high-level that it could change our DNA over the years, sometimes in a few months. Making us to behave differently to how we were created by GOD. E.g: Homosexuality.  End your research and debate on homosexuality; for the main ‘course’(cause)  is food intake. A religious pastor may say: “NO, GOD didn’t make you born that way, you must change!” Yes, of course GOD created everyone equal. But these corporations through perverted food ingredients have changed our cells. It is a NATURAL cause and homosexuality cannot be ‘CURED’ as what most religious nuts claimed. (See video to verify).

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