Energy drinks with Alcohol is deadly

Energy drink, alcohol- A LETHAL KILLER mix
This is probably one of the best house pour mixes with Vodka. It is sweet and relaxing but when it goes down to your body, it bites like a snake. And it’s literally POISONOUS.

Drink smart, though it taste good, it’s better to have other choices of mixers rather than energy drinks.

Researchers found out that college-age drinkers who mixed energy drinks with liquor were three times more easily to leave a bar intoxicated than their counterparts who consumed alcohol with other mixer choices.

Many clubs have avoided promoting energy drinks with alcohol due to the fact that their customers leave the place earlier because they feel restless or have breathing difficulties.

This is a very serious fact and we should not ignore it. Just like fast food restaurants–we know it is not healthy but we choose to ignore it and continue to consume it.

Here are several good mixers you can choose over energy drinks. They taste great too!

  • Cranberry Flavour: 9.5/10
  • Ribena: 7/10
  • Orange: 6.8/10

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