The Dangers of Approval Addiction


There is a pandemic of insecurity in society. Many people we know are insecure; maybe ourselves? It all came from a sad past – from various failures, rejections (breakups) and heartaches. This led to the development of some behaviour that will make us often seek the approval of people; becoming an approval addict.


Hurt people HURT people

People who were wounded before in their hearts needs to be approval orientated in order to overcome their rejection and low self-esteem. The dangerous thing is, if our approval is dependent on people’s opinions, we will be led to do things beyond logic, just to gain acceptance to some groups of people. It is better to know you are approved by the highest authority in the universe – GOD Himself before going any further. There’s a saying: “The blind cannot help the blind” nor can the poor help the poor. It’s better to be secured in your heart, knowing you owe no one anything but GOD has accepted you fully, before you can love people naturally. You can’t be unstable yourself and give real love to others!


‘Real Love’ STINKS.

In premarital sex, ask them a true question from their hearts – Do they do this because they really really LOVE LOVE their partners OR is it because they need to do it to feel “ACCEPTED” as a man or woman? Let us face the FACT now what is REAL LOVE between human couples – If someone does not have the ability financially, mentally and stability in heart to take care of you FOR LIFE, the person does not have REAL LOVE for you. How on earth can they touch you bodily without any accountability to your future? Why do you show them your body knowing they can’t commit to it? They just go to bed with you because they THINK it’s right to do so. How many times have people married because of premarital sex?  And ironically, the greatest reason for divorce… is marriage itself. How many times you gone to bed with a person thinking he or she will be your one? Where are they today? Realistically speaking you are probably their 10th or 101st sex partner. Do you really want to waste time on such ‘real love’? Anyone can say they really love you, but you better realise as soon as possible – they can really love to eat your mum’s cooking and go shopping with credit cards too.


Insecurity destroys your relationships

Know why relationships don’t last. Being in a relationship means YOU MUST BE READY both financially and heartily to take care of the other party for LIFE, not the other way round. When both parties have this same mindset and abilities, then the relationship will last, foolproof!

The problem is many people have been hurt since their first few relationships,  NOT KNOWING the other partner is a fallen human with probably the same or greater identity issues, that’s why they broke up. And insecurity is the cause of major problems in relationships. We are probably the victims before or even now; insecurity prevents joy in peoples’ lives! Honestly are we really at joy after every sexual intercourse? There is a hidden guilt and darkness of the future and we cannot deny it.


Addiction – another form of insecurity.

Addiction is something that we cannot do without in order to feel ‘right’. It controls people and leads to bondage, not just drugs, alcohol and sex. For a ‘holy’ person to say that he or she has no addictions, it’s as good as saying they hate and look down on people who are lowly educated but they THEMSELVES are ok. If the truth was known – everyone is bankrupt physically and spiritually without the blessings and forgiveness of GOD. People won’t be holy if GOD did not forgive them, that’s the simple fact. Also ‘Holy’ people may talk bad about others all day long; where Slandering and being angry at someone is much WORSE in GOD’s eyes.
Addiction consists of:

  • eating(gluttony)
  • shopping (Buying things beyond what can be afforded, to make us look like who we are not – to gain approval and some get into debts.)
  • talking bad about someone (Your body produces bad cells whenever we are angry at someone, and some of our good cells will die; hence the cause for cancer and other illness)


The lost identity

Most victims of approval addicts have either forgotten or DO NOT KNOW who they are! They have been told by the media that you are only accepted if you buy our expensive products and look this way. Sadly but stupidly, many of us were victims of this trap before or even now.


Time to know Our real identity

This is the most important chart you may ever compare and realize. We will realise how valuable we are below, from 2 major authorities –  GOD and Science. See what  it says of us, instead of what people think:

What GOD says about you: What Science found out about you: What society/media says about you:
You are fearfully and wonderfully created. Our cells and DNA are the most unique kind ever. Its intelligence are almost outside scientific terms. You are to follow this & that way of lifestyle which we advertise. If you don’t look this way, people won’t view you different or accept you. C’mon you’re just a normal person with a normal body.
All your days are written in my book. You have the ability to do ALL things through Me in You. Your memory has more than 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes) Every moment of living is being recorded by your eyes(camera). You would have to leave your HD TV running continuously for more than 100 years or more to use up all that storage. Forget who you are, you are limited and weak without fame and wealth. WE ARE your next voice and example to follow. We create a trend, follow it or be called 2nd class citizens.
Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. You were NOT a mistake. Our cells came and originated from one place; a designer. We will go back to this source of energy when we die off; We have to acknowledge the designer and accept a ‘cleansing’ for the extra perverted cells we created in life. You are born on earth by a mistake/chance. You should have been born in that person’s family who is a lot richer. They are so rich they have no immoral deeds. being rich and powerful is THE way.
Love each other. You all belong to me. Our DNA history came from one. Though perversion in-between DNAs with ‘gods’ who are actually aliens(demons), We are still one, ONE united Human race. Accept those who are only whiter, cleaner, fitter and with flawless complexions and figures. These will bring your status higher and give you a future. People who are lower substandard have no position.
What is GOD? I AM LOVE. I love you with an ever lasting unconditional love. There is an unexplainable source of ‘glue’ energy that holds us together, our cells, our atoms; everything. Some new age teachings calls this ‘Love’. Love yourself, buy our items to show you care about yourself. When you pamper yourself, people will flock to you and love you for what you have.
You have the power of what you say, especially if with My help. A positive charge of energy whenever we believe something to happen; Good or bad. Expect bad things, life is not a bed of roses, you better get ready to be next. Unless you pay thousands to attend seminars after seminars, you will never realize your true potential power.
My son JESUS died for your sins. You are legally RIGHT with me. No one can bring you down ever again. Not even man and Angels. Our bodies STOP punishing ourselves and our cells will eventually die lesser when we realise we are forgiven by a greater of authority. It’s ok to make mistakes, you may have even have an abortion before, it’s ok. Premarital sex is ok. When you keep on doing good, you will forget and overwrite all the bad things you have done. The more good you do, the lesser chance of having illness and mishaps.

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