Dying is not the answer

See recent tragic suicide case: http://www.onlineusanews.com/alviss-kong-22-year-old-malaysian-committed-suicide-6632.php

Countless people especially teens have killed themselves for one reason – Self condemnation. Either due to peer pressures or being rejected and dumped by someone they loved.

It’s something everyone goes through in life but thank GOD we’re still alive although some of us may have worse cases which involves serious issues.

Rejection: a most cruel word. It causes hearts to be broken, characters to be changed and lives to be lost. People are fighting and searching for acceptance everywhere for the wrong reason. All because knowing this saying: “There’s no free lunch in this world.”  Therefore we want to earn Acceptance; not knowing God gives it to us, man has taught it must be ‘earned’.

Thus everyone searches for it in school, at work, from families and friends. But truthly, acceptance only comes from God. When someone knows he or she is accepted in whatever they do from the highest authority, they will have the security to help others; TO LOVE OTHERS naturally.

At the same time, we must face the fact we’re living in a fallen world where bad things are happening everyday. Blaming God would be what the devil wants us to do, but it won’t solve the problem.

God usually won’t remove our troubles, but enables us to WALK ON IT instead. Of course, we do not choose to be borned in a rich family nor at the royal kingdom. But as we grow up, the troubles we faced from family and peer pressures moulds us into a better/experienced person either with or without a proper personality.

Every bad thing a person does is a result of their upbringing. Mostly without proper parental guidance; as some parents aren’t good themselves too. No one in this world will plan growing up to be someone dishonest, evil minded or sly.

Remember – whatever you’re facing in life, God cares for you more than you care for yourself. Do not to do anything silly just to avoid solving it. God will send the right person to show you love and concern. Wheather via your friends, family or a miracle you encounter.

You can also seek professional help by calling a hotline if you are thinking of killing yourself. Please call

SAMARITANS 1800 221 4444 (24-hour) or email: pat@samaritans.org.sg

TINKLE FRIENDS 1800 274 4788

Hotline for ages 12-25 :  1800 377 2252

Many people are now happily married or in good relationships and the crazy sadness of being dumped or failing an exam is just a thing of the past – it’s painful but your life can still be happy – believe us. Stay strong, tell someone and get help: your life will get better and you can be happy again – don’t believe the devil’s lies that you’ll never be loved again, that you’ll never be happy again, that you’re a failure because you failed in something. All successful people all failed at least once – the difference is that they got up after they fell.

Live well – it’s the best revenge on your enemies, especially the devil.

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