A common factor when a Girl falls in love with another girl and likewise for guys with guys. If you have friends who have the same sexual preferences, note that it is not their fault.

There are research after research and thesis after thesis of opinions. Seriously, whatever the cause – May it be natural or caused by peer pressures; there is no need for a “cure” as what religious or man-made organisations proclaimed.

Man only set laws according to their knowledge, not God’s.

What does it mean?

For example – Some Parents in China or even in Singapore will disown their children because they are homosexuals. And if it’s because of strict Family & Religion values, their poor children will grow up NEVER wanting to acknowledge them or even God ever again.

Think – is it really God’s values or man’s values?  Then how to justify their parents’ behaviors?  If we take time to notice, these parents can gossip and be angry about people around them often.

As clear as God’s laws indicates – being angry is as good as stabbing someone with a knife - literally! It is equal to murder; which is as wrong as being a homosexual.

Some people who condemns homosexuals don’t even clean their home’s cups when serving drinks to their guests. Germs and dirt could cause their guest to be sick. It’s really SICK to make people sick. And as far as God’s law is concerned, one who doesn’t love their neighbor properly is breaking the holy commandments and is punishable.

Do you get the picture now?
Society is always striving what’s right and wrong according to their knowledge, yet not knowing the biggest wrong is to put God OUT of our text books. Just because they don’t see God means they can see their brains physically too.
Same goes to religious organisations who have movements to anti such groups of people just to get into the good books of government bodies, not knowing that most governments are run by Satanists that manipulates society today.

But one may ask isn’t it obvious God don’t allow homosexual? According to God’s law – Jesus died paid for the punishment for someone being a homosexual. He/she  is forgiven and free. The rest of the walk to heal and define their gender likings is between him/her and God, not man.

How right or wrong is someone, liking the same gender? If God accepts them for who they are, then let no man condemn it. Man made organisations always puts such sexuality in a “lower” class than the normal straight people, YET they allow SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE as long one is above 16 years old. Do you see the fact about laws? Man chooses what is “right” in their eyes for them, not God.

What if you have friends who like the same gender for the rest of their life? If they ever want to turn straight,  it’s gonna be more love and care of the individual from God Himself that could let him or her decide, rather than man-made opinions.

Nevertheless, NEVER let Nay-Sayers’ opinions tell you that turning straight is never possible because one is never able to handle the opposite sex’s private parts – like a women’s vaigina or a man’s penis.

Here’s a secret nay-Sayers don’t know – Sex was never a need for you to perform during dating.

Who needs to be able to accept the opposite gender’s private parts? Who told you such ‘must’ is a need? You can never DARE nor WANT to speed your car at 200kmph on a small 60km road. You only speed at its MAX above 200kmph on an OFFICIAL racing track and experience FULLY on it. Let no one fool you likewise.

Courtship brings romance, romance brings desires and commitment, it then brings marriage, marriage brings in true love which results in the highest moments, which will be sex.
To ‘must’ know how to have sex and a ‘need’ for it, is all based on the lie of media and movies where the creators themselves have HUGE sexual and marriage failures. Yet we shouldn’t even have them influence us how to live a proper life.

See it now?

Continue to be who you are and trust God to find you an opposite sex partner effortlessly. Make history today.

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