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Prettier females have their vulnerabilities in job industries especially from Entertainment Media. They were often targeted by their bosses or someone they have to fear, to have sexual non-obligated one-night-stand with them.

Due to the limited knowledge and abilities people had during those years, these women gave in after being ‘legally’ talked to and ‘forced’ into bed. Seems ‘non-obligated’ indeed, but we humans sure understand what it is to be cunning, sly and threatening to others. The girls have to sleep with their managers, bosses or any other superiors JUST to be treated well in the job, promoted and favoured.

It was a very hopeless and illusion-liked season during those times. People are bullied when they have little wisdom. Is it still happening now? Yes, but the chances are much lesser.

What has happened? People know their rights.

At hand, we live in an age where people’s intelligence and wisdom increased drastically over the years:

  • Students in schools can tell their teachers off if they ill-treated them. Parents then join in to sue the teachers.
  • Army recruits know what to do and what not to, if their seniors enforces punishments on them.
  • Staffs in a company can claim and sue their bosses if the company does not follow MOM’s (Ministry of Manpower) ruling.

Above all, human rights are being restored over the decades as God’s people are praying for the helpless and lost world.

That’s why we live in a society that is constantly improving and upgrading itself. We all should live AWAKEN and not be naïve to submit our precious bodies or do anything that is against our integrity which we think will promote us. Fame last for a season or so, but character lasts for a lifetime. The Character of a person is precious. It is for our own good, not your friend’s nor your families’ benefit.

Revise very real examples even in Singapore –  In the 1990s, various female actresses had slept with Directors of mega local block busters TV series just to get the job or be in the lead; Or a male actor with male directors if he was gay. Months later they became superbly famous and well liked.

But like comparing to another lower-standard country with Singapore, do you think we will bother that country’s TV productions? So then in Singapore itself, do you think viewers from overseas care who our local casts are? They are probably laughing at Singapore’s movie standards already.

And even if you are a Singaporean, today 2011, do you know who these past famous stars were? Unlikely. We are more concerned of ourselves making money and rather waste time on international stars, even though our local ones had indeed produced well liked series and professional acting, which touched the hearts before.

What’s the main point in revealing all these dark secrets?

NEVER sell or give yourself for something not worth for. Including the bondage of a ‘Holy’ belief.

You owe no one anything.

Do you know a human body is worth millions of dollars? It’s not worth it to have $250 or even $1000 for a 1-hour sexual intercourse with someone who thinks money can buy the world.

We can ALWAYS research our rights, even in religious settings. Do we follow blindly or because we feel peace at it?  Don’t simply believe what this or that famous man said about ‘God’. The truth is out there, RESEARCH it now! And you will soon realise every leader is following another leader’s perceptions, instead of the first and original language of the world – which is Sanskrit; Hebrew.

Let’s ask our seniors why they want us to believe in their God or gods. Ask why do they do these steps, why use this colour or say those prayers. 90% of them will tell you to SHUT UP and don’t be disrespectful. The 10% will explain because they heard someone taught it before. The simple truth – They DON’T KNOW  fully themselves. Surprising?  Even many, who claim they knew, really don’t know much.

Our elder generations were pulled into religion after religions, as they do not have ‘Google’ or a well furnished national library like our era now. Hence they submit to another person’s opinions via FEAR. WE really need to know every detail of a belief; like how scientists can research visible atoms in a microscope.

As long something produces fear in people, they will keep their people in it forever. Like your job – As long you fear the company isn’t fair and is going to do something to you, you will never feel at peace. Your seniors is suppose to guide you and pass on skills to you at work. Are you working in tons of stress for that high salary? Stress is the no.1 killer, not cancer nor AIDS. You should be working in something of your skill and liking. If you are worried about the money, frankly it’s not the amount of money you earn, but the amount we spend. The root cause of all debts and financial lacks today is people’s outgoing spendings are MORE than their incoming salary. This problem can actually be learnt or research too.

Today, research can be done online, in libraries and ESPECIALLY personal experiences. Tales, stories and beliefs can NO longer fool us or guide us astray, to live life defeated and sad.

Yes, our previous generations want the best for us, but the thing they believe is not in line with truth. Did you notice that at ALL times, we also FEEL it’s CORRECT to fall in love with someone; even after knowing that person is bad or is unstable. We then still go for it no matter what people advices us. Because we THINK it’s the best for ourselves. After you researched on the person, you then realised he or she is a criminal of many major crimes. This is as serious as us bowing down to any belief we do not know.

Do not be deceived today.

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