Plastic surgery

A technology gift from God, to help those whom met in a an accident of any kind like fire, car or acid –  a hope to look normal again.

Note first, there is nothing wrong with a bigger nose, rounder face or a small boobs.

Is it right and ok to have Plastice surgery if one still decides to have it? Why not? Do it for the right reason. You may do something about it if it is perfectly in your power and desire to do so; to clear that scar on your face or enhance your looks.

What’s the wrong reason? Due to self condemnation after seeing gimmicks of advertorials by the media, most people will want to do it, thinking they wasn’t borned with perfect features. They want to have a chance to be as beautiful as the girl or guy who has been enjoying the awesome attention gained from the perfectly unearned features since childbirth.

Have you before told someone that they look 100% better with a rounder face?  Which they think likewise and it’s the worst disaster to them ever.


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