Part 4 – Aliens still wants us dead. But We are under GOD’s Legal protection!

We were once slaves under Ancient Powers
Can Beings or Fallen Angels control & rule us while someone is in sin? Legally YES!  Ever since the first man Adam & Eve’s sinned, Deity Powers of all sorts (including “gods” from Greek Mythologies) had always blinded & forced man to worship them instead of the true Creator. They control a big fraction of the human race for hundreds and thousands of year’s slavery under ‘gods’ and goddesses’.

Did our Real King help us from the past?
Why can’t the real GOD help humans during those times? He did, but was limited. Just like the Mayor of a city cannot fully redeem a criminal convicted of crimes, unless the criminal’s crimes had been PAID. Human’s ‘crimes’ was sin.  These Fallen Angelic “gods” can rule us LEGALLY, enslaving humans because we were stained with sin.

So GOD cannot “any-how as He likes” save humans without a proper Legal context; he would violate His own laws! That’s why GOD Himself incarnated as a Human – Jesus (meaning GOD Saves) to die legally for man’s sins. Our sins were upon Him, He died as us, as if He sinned. We are made righteous as if we NEVER sinned. That’s the great Mercy and Love our King has for us. His laws kissed mercy together.


Jesus’ Death & Resurrection’s impact on Ancient Powers

The moment Jesus died and rose again is the day where all principalities and powers of the airs were put off and disarmed. Simply put it – No form of Beings nor Entities can ever touch us humans again. We are LEGALLY not sinners anymore; anyone who simply believes in this fact is entitled to this inheritance and protection. The Judge of the courtroom (GOD) has pronounced the victim (humans) NOT GUILTY of crime. And the lawyers (Fallen Angels) cannot charge the same crime back again.

How E.T.s blind us in our modern times.

Since the lawyers(FallenAngels) can’t charge the crimes to us victims again, there is however still a way to make the victim guilty – that is TO BELIEVE that they ARE STILL guilty. Extra terrestrial entities who are still alive since then have tried many methods to fool the human race, hiding them from the true GOD once again. This time they can’t do it physically; they have NO PART on the earth any longer. Then how did they manage to do it?

    • By interceding with people in high level positions; especially in government sectors. Giving them knowledge to corrupt and dilute our society while they can earn huge profits from it.  HUMANS are doing the work of the fallen angels/UFOS.
    •  Hiding the truth of salvation from humans. By separating the original religious writings and breaking them into different religions. (People will be confused if they buy a Mac but only receive part of the instruction booklet. Likewise people from all religions always condemn each other badly, thinking their part of the instruction booklet is always right.) All religion are actually from ONE. All writings whether Chinese, Indian or English has originated from the world’s first BIBLE, in Hebrew, Greek and Sanskrit language.
    • After governments separated all the holy text into different religions, the accounts of the GOD King (Jesus Christ) redeeming the human race from sins was recorded mostly only in the Christian Gospels.
    • Government then further suppress the truths by bringing in well known educational corporations to deliberately dilute & translate the Bible into different languages. These corporations are also responsible for rewriting some of our history we learnt in school. It’s quite a known fact to most lecturers.
    • When the original Bible have misinterpretation in some of it areas, people cannot know the truth fully. Governments can then control people and limit them, because they KNOW and are AFRAID that any individual CAN rise to power, once the truth knowledge of Christ is in them. To add wood to fire, these dark governments even started churches themselves and teach the diluted word of GOD. Originated from America, hence we think that ‘Jesus Christ is a Caucasian God’. False doctrines produce no peace and change, that’s why ‘Christianity’ often pisses people off.
    • Now that the only truth of salvation has been suppressed, these governments starts using the media and culture to control people, making them insecure and have to follow whatever the media brings upon them. People usually give up their authority & power because the media made them THINK that they don’t have any.

GOD’s protection on everyone.

However GOD’s protection on individuals is not based on what Church or religion they are from. GOD is protecting EVERYONE. There are more than enough testimonies all over the world by Atheists, gangsters, prostitutes etc – that testifies JESUS visiting them personally say: “Do you know that I knew you since you were born? You were protected and loved. Society has corrupted and condemned you but I DON’T. Accept my forgiveness of sins and be GOD’s!”  The ones who realises the forgiveness of sins through the legal justification by simply believing in Him alone, can enjoy the full benefit of protection and blessings LEGALLY. The word “Church” originally means group of persons saved by GOD, forgiven of sins via Jesus The Christ. Which means ANY race or skin colour IS THE CHURCH. Not the BUILDING! See how the elite governments who controlled society has fooled everyone. But thank GOD many are knowing the truth now especially this past decade!

Man preaches that we have to find GOD in order to be saved. It is actually the other way round – it’s GOD  the King’s job to save his creations! To unveil the real Jesus to them at His own timing. And Thousands of people around the world have already been testifying visitations from Jesus the Christ PERSONALLY. And it’s not people who are morally good or have it all together.

Examples of 2 major deliberate dilution of the original texts to other languages:

  • The translated Bible says you are forgiven of sins through the blood of Jesus shed for you. But the original text expounds it, saying YOU ARE FORGIVEN CONTINOUSLY & FOREVER in the POWER of the Blood of JESUS shed, the Blood has a VOICE THAT SPEAKS for YOUR JUSTIFICATION. It was only not long ago scientists found out that all blood has voice frequencies.  But Man in religion organisations then further dilutes the translation & adds on his own - that we are only forgiven temporarily until our next wrong doing, then we have to beg for forgiveness again.
  • The translated Bible records the flood of Noah, GOD spared him because he was PERFECT. This has caused many people to go mad because it IS IMPOSSIBLE to be PERFECT in behavior. What does the original text says? The original meaning for the word ‘PERFECT’ means Blood/DNA PERFECTION. Because of the Aliens/Fallen Angels having sex with Humans during those times, hence the birth of Greek Mythologies. GOD has to flood and destroy all the mutated Spartan hybrids.
And many more.
Remember, GOD has given you all authority and power to reign in this life, to overcome any problem and walk above all principalities and powers – be at angelic, demonic or human. Do not let anyone pull and degrade you now ever again!

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