Part 3 – Origin of Aliens. What happened before Earth?

This might be the most astonishing and ingenuous thing you’d ever read about in your entire life. And to guard your opinions and refresh what you should know before absorbing, remember this:

You are not responsible for people’s opinion, only yourself.

“There are no such things as aliens!” A statement where some people stand at. Actually if you noticed, everyone will link information within what they believe themselves and not what is according to fact.

“I come from a very well known religious background and there’s no such things as Aliens!”

It really doesn’t matter what people say. You see, decades ago, super well-respected scientists have claimed that the speed of light is infinite. And it was only decades after decades whereby more and MORE scientists proved that light is FINITE, not infinite. Till today, light itself is known for dropping in speed. We can easily Google to verify it.

Discover what’s going on with the world by putting all research together and forgoing the naysayers. Knowing the origins of Aliens WILL ANSWER whatever question marks we have in life – Do you believe it?

Alien – This word simply means:

  • Different in nature
  • Foreigner
  • Not belonging to the same country, land, or government

As mentioned earlier, there are almost 50 different races of known aliens, or maybe more.

Many mythologies suggested that they existed long before humans do. And it’s somewhat true according to our earth’s ancient texts. To be fair, let’s use the OLDEST ancient text – The Bible. Before we go further using the Bible proving the Aliens, it’s VITAL you know this:

The Bible – its real origin.
When we say the Bible, it’s NOT the English “Holy Holy” bible we see in stereotypical movies. Although it is still usable and teachable, many translations have deliberately been diluted of its meaning because of humans’ selfishness and greed for power; to keep people in a religion! If we study the history of governments and religion itself, it mostly involves the Vatican and Illuminati who were once sincere people but have been infiltrated and corrupted by the government. They use fear to keep people and control them, very sick. God hates it. God wants us to have freedom and He is very particular about freedom, freedom from man’s opinions, from the media, from religion.  So, NO – the translated Bible cannot be used to prove its 100% accuracy, only the original texts can do so.


Here’s what the Bible really consists of:

A mass collection of ancient texts, from past thousands of years in different locations, written in Hebrew, Greek and Sanskrit. It’s just that simple!


But here’s what we thought of the bible as:

A heavy copy of a VERY HOLY book with Laws to be kept. And is always right with what it says. God is always angry and it is very hard to go to heaven unless we do the 101 things right everyday.


Solution to know the Bible correctly:

In our modern day, a good bible teacher or leader will ALWAYS reference back to the original text meaning of the Bible, should they come across any obscure passages. And these leaders will always SUPERCEED other religious leaders in ministry and will boom worldwide in due time by God’s timing.


Science by the way does not contradict the Ancient texts(Bible). Instead, it SUPPORTS it.

So now that you know the real meaning and origins of the Bible, we can begin:


The Creation of the universe

We do not know the precise age of the universe, but scientists believe that it is around 13 billion years – give or take a few billions. Astronomers estimate the age of the universe in two ways: Firstly by looking for the oldest stars; or secondly by measuring the expansion rate of the universe and counting back to the Big Bang.

The following heavenly accounts are real: When the Universe was created, there were many advanced civilization with super hyper dimensional Beings. According to the ancient texts (Bible), these were known as Angels. Angels comes in many forms like Humans coming in many races and colours. Some of them are seen on our earth today, and we missed the whole point by calling them “Aliens” because they are foreign Beings. All these millions of Angels live in a place called HEAVEN. Where is Heaven?

Out of 10 dimensions known to men, only 4 were experienced by men.
Dimension 1 – Use a pen and make a dot . That’s 1 dimension.
Dimension 2 – Now draw a straight line; A flat level. That’s the 2nd dimension
Dimension 3 – The 3D world, X, Y, Z axis.
Dimension 4 – Time, Space, The Spiritual Presence


Heaven existed outside beyond the 10 dimensions. That’s where and how advanced the civilisation of Angels are.

The Supreme King of Heaven.

The one and only Supreme Creator that brought forth all these supreme beings are known to be their one and only King. This King is known as GOD to us. He is made of the most powerful force in the universe – LOVE itself. It is indescribable. Only humans whom have died and met GOD will know how Great and wonderful His Love is. Anyway humans beings were not created yet at this point of time.


The Great War in Heaven.

In Heaven however, someone hated the King! That person was the most beautiful and talented Angel called Helel ben Sha?ar. (English translation, we call him – Lucifer.)

Upon being jealous to a great extent – that his all-loving creator was far superior to him, Lucifer wanted to be higher than his creator. He planned a long time on how to exceed his Higher Supreme King who created the stars and the planets.

But it was unattainable simply because it was IMPOSSIBLE – A created being cannot be greater than its creator. So, when Lucifer had Pride and sin found in him, he then started a war after convincing 1/3 of the Angelic Beings to rebel against their Most High King! The rebellion was VERY SERIOUS and many times worse than our earthly strikes or anti-government riots.

In a flash, the 1/3 out casted Angelic beings were kicked out of the highest Heavens, to outer space; our solar system. No place in Heaven was allowed for them anymore.

They fell from beyond the 10th dimension to the 4th dimension. Although they still have some capabilities beyond the 4th.

These fallen Angels established their advanced empires and kingdoms on various planets. Then, each self-proclaimed as “gods” among themselves, they ruled over many planets in the solar system. They reproduced and multiplied among themselves and became nations of pure evil and advancement in technology and magic. The war crimes and offences they commit against each other has some similarities to how our earthly countries rage wars against each other – for Power, Wealth and Control.

Finally, the King had to end all their evilness. Hence He called forth an enormous meteoroid of collision towards the planets of the fallen angels. The fallen angels had always boasted in their power and technology, until they saw the judgement of enormous fiery comets hitting their planets and destroying everything they made. The smallest fragment of comet sent by the King was easily 1:1000 (or a thousand times more) in terms of power against their strongest force the angels ever have. This made them speechless.

When these judgements ended, their planets exploded; hence, the origins of the cosmic belts, which our human science found out. Many scientists can agree that the universe used to have giant galactic warfare, and they ARE RIGHT. After these Angels were “homeless”, they had almost nowhere to inhabitant, so most of them remained on planets that were still intact but in chaos and darkness- The Earth, Mars & the Moon were the few main planets left with resources to rebuild an empire. Some mythologies claims that these Beings built advanced space crafts to escape from their exploding galaxies.  And it’s no surprise, that till today, many have been spotted on our earth’s skies, and we call them Aliens and UFOS! This was where it originated!

If you want to have a rough knowledge of the chaos involved, you can take a look at the Magic Cards that teenagers play. It’s to some extent – true.

So, after the judgement of the fallen angels/gods, the planets were in a mess. The Creator; the Most High one and only TRUE GOD then refurbished the Earth, see Bible Genesis 1. We (Human Beings) were then created in The Most High’s image – To rule the earth that has been made ready. To dominate every living thing, including the remaining fallen Angels.

IRONICALLY, man gave the earth back to Lucifier, who was known as SATAN by now.

How? By eating the apple. The apple was not just the normal apple we eat today. It was of great power and knowledge in it – The knowledge of what is happening around; GOOD & EVIL.

Upon knowing good and evil, the first man Adam and Eve were conscious that they have done wrong against their creator and guilt was in their hearts. It was NEVER meant for human beings to live knowing good and evil, because we wouldn’t be able to handle it. We are made to live the abundant life that the creator gives instead.

Since then, Man has officially given the earth to these extra-terrestrials hyper dimensional Beings. The whole earth’s system is ruled and influenced by Satan and his fallen angels. That’s where all the ancient “gods” originated – To force humans into en-slavery to worship fallen Angels as ‘gods’ and hardly ever to know the true GOD. The fallen angels harvested earth’s gold and silver for their technology. Re-establishing new advanced mega empires like Atlantis. Other mega structures were built on earth, many of them exists till today and our science found out that these great world ancient art have precise alignment with some planets and stars, partly because Satan made planet Mars his headquarters. According to the fallen angel’s advanced calculations, these alignments meant real power and dignity to them. From many ancient texts, there are claims of a great fear and terror of the planet Mars itself – where war ‘gods’ originated. It was thousands of years and humans themselves grew evil.

Despite all these horrific mishaps, the Creator was all compassionate and did not judge Humans like how He judged those fallen angels in their planets previously. Sadly, the only way for the Creator to officially forgive his Human creation, was by paying for it legally via pure punishment – not of man, but upon Himself. He has to find a way to come in legally and naturally so that His laws don’t get violated. Hence the King SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, whose name is YESHUA – Whom incarnated into a Human Himself – JESUS. The word JESUS has been diluted and perverted in many Hollywood movies we see. The real meaning of JESUS in the original text simply means GOD SAVES. JESUS physically died as man to SAVE ALL men of their sins.

The DAY After JESUS died, the timeline of B.C became A.D. That’s where time changes.
Because GOD “gained” back control and ownership of the earth. The REASON why Satan and the rest of the fallen angels couldn’t have control anymore from then on because of GOD’s Laws of men’s wrongdoings had been PAID.

Men is OFFICIALLY not guilty anymore because the KING PAID FOR THEIR SINS. How to be guilty of a crime that has already been sentenced? In a court sentence – if the criminal fulfilled his years of imprisonment, the judge can NEVER charge him back to jail; if not he would violate the law of double jeopardy.  SO how was this scenario related to JESUS death on the cross? It was because GOD the King raised JESUS from the dead 3 days after His death on the cross. JESUS paid the 3 days in Hell punishment for our sins and the punishment in Hell couldn’t even hold him long in death.

Since then, the fallen angels of all races hated human beings more than ever, a jealousy that was far beyond Lucifer’s jealousy when they were in Heaven. The mega rage of why Human Beings, though created with lower abilities than the Angels, were treated with much more Love & Forgiveness. The angels never thought their “ex KING” would come down so lowly as a Human Himself, dying for their sins. It was something that left them speechless till today.

However the eye sore of the Fallen Angelic races want us dead today, read part 4.

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