Part 2 – Who are the UFOS?

Before we know where these Beings ARE FROM, it’s vital to know WHAT THEY ARE. UFOs simply means Unidentified Flying Object. The Beings operating it are called ‘Aliens’ because it simply means ‘Foreigner’.

To be accurate – People who don’t believe in UFOs usually meant that they mean the flying saucers are hoaxes. And yes indeed, many are known to be  fake or just a military test of a spacecraft itself. However, there are also too many REAL cases. And in these real cases, the abilities of those spacecraft’s speed defies the laws of physics! Unbelievers might have a second opinion then.

Maybe it’s time to realise:

  • COUNTRIES after countries have released thousands of authenticated UFO reports, even on the official F.B.I. achieves. And WE are just working everyday thinking of where to shop on the weekends and complain about life, about when will their true love ever going to come. Let’s not be ignorant of such factual sources available.
  • We are talking about REAL UFO cases, NOT peoples’ claims or reports of them just for that minute of lunatic fame on TV.
  • Aliens have also been officially reported by high ranking officials who have retired from various governments’ sector.

There are over 50 known Alien types which Humans have encountered. Experiences not only include the past 50 or 100years, but since THOUSANDS of years ago ESPECIALLY from CHINESE HISTORY. Eg: Where humans encountered demons and globins and have dealt with countless types of fights with them in many Chinese mythologies; which partly have been amended by man’s opinion again like in Greek Mythology. But both versions contain truth.


Here are the TOP Alien types:

Within Our 3Dimenensional space


The Greys

  • The very stereotypical portrayal of extraterrestrials as little humanoid-like creatures with green/grey skin and/or antennae on their heads. The term is also sometimes used to describe gremlins, mythical creatures known for causing problems in Airplanes and Navy devices. They were the most common type of extraterrestrials encountered.


Reptilians -


  • Humanoid aliens who have a reptilian appearance, similar to a lizard or snake. Evidences allege that these aliens are from the Alpha Draconic star solar system, hiding in underground bases in Hollow Earth. These are based on REAL reports by competent professionals where they have encountered it. Reptilian Beings gave knowledge and  influenced many top people in government and high level sectors – to pervert human’s lifestyle with fear, drugs and pornography etc, yet at the same time allowing top media and political heads to earn TONS of money. Also influencing medical sectors – Tuning our God-made atoms into mega technologies like Atomic Bombs and Nuclear Weapons. Creating problems that causes cancer and creating the incompetent treatments like Chemotherapy, which leads to BILLION dollars profits for the high ranking people who agreed to it.  All these are done of course with the help of other higher Intel Alienist Beings.(See ‘Energy Beings’ below, after Globins)____________________________________

Beyong Our 4th Dimenensional space


The Goblins - 



  • Creatures which look similar to Gremlins or Goblins. They were said to be around 3 feet tall, with upright ears and thin limbs with claws. They were silver in colour (or wearing a metallic skinned suit) and they were able to walk as if they were floating. Many experts who conducted investigations believe that there’s no sign of a hoax was ever proven. Witnesses included policemen and state officials and hence these events were regarded seriously by many governments. Goblins Cases remains one of the most well-known and well-documented cases in the history of UFO occurrences and a favourite for study in ‘ufology’.


Energy Beings - 

These are probably the most powerful, real invisible beings with :

- Hyper dimensional powers
- Capable of moving super heavy objects
- Healing a wounded injury.
- Morphing from a place to another.
- Possession of Humans and Animals.

They are also often called forth by psychic leaders to communicate & find out about the past or future happenings. On many occasions, the Energy Beings were invited by Psychics or Mediums to “Live” in objects/ religious ornaments to guard their client’s life. These items are responsible for the corruption of a few pure religions that involves possession. Anyway even without them, all religiosity is already corrupted by man over the centuries as government sectors added their own man-opinionated words into the translated languages from the original religious text.

Energy Beings are a very COMMON sight. NOT to people who claim of UFO sightings or abduction, but to people like YOU AND ME; who may have seen “ghosts, demons or angels (fallen)”.


All Aliens types are Demons.

Don’t sound right? Know this, the original word for ‘Demons’ does not mean Devils, nor Ghost or Satan even though it has connections there.

Demon simply means “Beings with Divine Power, having knowledge from the past”. It means these Beings have super wisdom beyond Human’s 3D presence and they existed a long time ago. It is beyond 4th Dimension and all the way to the 10th.

Knowing the types of Aliens and taking note of it will answer the myths and lies we’ve been taught.
One of the major ones that’s man made and man opinionated: Haunted places are filled with the deceased’s spirit who cannot rest peacefully.

The Truth: Aliens who are Energy Beings love to hang around places where violence and murder had occurred. That’s the only place they are allowed to be on earth unless being summoned by a psychic to stay at their places. People comfort themselves that IT IS the ghost of a deceased person hanging around the place they died. It sounds logical and legally correct. BUT TRY saying that to our parents or a person whom we loved a lot WHEN THEY DIE. And try imaging people saying that TO YOU when you are dead. It is SICK and irresponsible. Try bringing any Children (who have the best sense of fear and peace) and take them to a haunted situation; Will they be so afraid of that uncle or friend whom just passed away? Is it really their soul still haunting around? NO, it is Energy beings that are known as DEMONS. And truthfully, most of the times, the place is usually empty without the presence of any entity. It is OUR MINDS that creates the mystical scenes.

Science can confirm that our cells and energy will eventually return to its designer & creator. (We call it GOD). So instead of knowing he or she is in the safe place of God’s Kingdom, we have been told to believe they are floating around. We know governments are careless to let terrorists & prisoners escape sometimes, but the Heavenly Kingdom is NOT careless at all. They save OUR Spirits when our body dies off.)

Aliens were once beautiful Beings in Heaven, click here to read Part 3. 

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