Part 1: Alien Abduction – True or Hoax? REAL.

Before we jump start this bizarre topic, remember not to simply swallow every fact stated here, but to conduct your own research.
Judge for yourself and never let others tell you what you should believe in.

Do not even be affected if someone calls you mad because of what you believe in. You know why?

  • Because condemnation of facts before self-investigation is called IGNORANCE.
  • However keeping it in view (KIV) will SAVE oneself of EVERLASTING Blindness.
  • There’s an Ancient text of wisdom which says this: “He that judge & answer a matter/problem before he even hears of it, is called Foolish & Shameful.” This means everyone. Not just low mentality people; it applies to teachers, scholars, high level IQ people, etc.

 There should be no excuse to avoid talking about aliens and UFOs after knowing the following facts:

  • There are over 9000 PROFESSIONAL publications that deal with this topic alone.
  • There are 1350 UFO/Alien related periodicals. Including the well known Mayan Calendar.
  • There are over 4000 authenticated photographs that proved no military nor technological tests involvements.
  • The above facts can be traced back to as early as 1650 A.D. Or much earlier.

In America alone:

  • 34% believes in UFOs.
  • 15% believe they saw it. (Half of them have seen real proven ones but of course the other half from it had seen tests from military installations.)
  • 3% reported abduction(That’s NINE MILLION people out of the 300 over million!).

All cases are based on:

  • Competent professional witnesses with mutli similar reports.
  • Detected on military and private sector’s radars.
  • Leaving traces on the ground, eg: Radiation on crop circles. (There were also man-made crop circles but are obviously not of the standard made by the Aliens themselves.)

So let’s begin.
IF the above facts are surprising, we can’t really blame people for not being aware of it. It’s because our local media do not cover such topics often, let alone give an in-depth analysis of it.  Our local media typically does not cover intensively bizarre stuff.

Even if we ignore all facts above, there are scientific facts vitally important enough to proof there are real spacecrafts beyond earth’s technology. A real UFO sighting, its characteristics as follows:

  • Spacecraft making right-angle(90 degree)  turns at high speed which DEFY the laws of physics.
  • No sign of military radar detection despite multiple similar reports by competent witnesses.
  • IMMEDIATE Speed up to 6000MPH WITHOUT any sonic booms.

What are sonic booms? It is shock waves created for a supersonic flight of an aircraft, which produces an enormous amount of exploding sound energy that enables the aircraft to fly at super sonic speed. The current fastest speed that our Billion dollar worth of technology can only produce is 3,000 mph. (Which is already super fast) but the real UFO spacecraft can be up to 6,000mph or HIGHER.


So who ON EARTH are the UFOS? Firstly we must put all religion aside, seriously. Religion is the reason why people would not go into detailed discussion over this topic. This is because religion is based on man’s opinion of translated text, even with Christianity. A real religious leader will AWALYS reference back to the original text where the translation came from – which is the Sanskrit, Greek or Hebrew text; and fortunately some leaders do it. These are the ones who have the biggest impact on their congregation. Because TRUTH always produces LOVE to everyone, which makes people flock in naturally without anyone pestering them to join a religion.

Are you ready to know who are the UFOs?  Click here to read Part 2.

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