Our sad brought ups

When the zoo’s forests were burnt in Africa several years ago, the remaining animals who survived were put in a temporary farm with smaller perimeter, till a proper bigger land was available.

One of the group consists of mid-sized Rhinos and Baby Elephants. The baby Elephants did not have their parents put with them, hence they stayed with the Rhinos alone. It was only after a mere 5 months, the Rhino died – due to stressed and pressures caused by the elephants. They have been bullied and physically hurt by them.
It WAS NOT EVEN a God given nature of the elephants to act in such manners. It was sadly, unnatural. At first the zoo keepers thought that it was caused by environmental change. But scientists found out such scenarios only occurs to elephants without parental availability hence they do not have proper upbringing and love. It dosen’t matter what kind of place they lived in, good or bad conditioned.
At many times, we humans experience the same things. Hurt people HURT people.  Many of us who love inflicting others is because we  do not have parents affirming us since young, hence looking  for approval outside; or striving to be someone special and needs a lot of attention.
It’s understandable and God does not hold it against us. What we experienced had made what we are today but we must not let our sad past determine our character for the future. We must function naturally, not unnaturally. We were made to love, care and to live life with integrity. At the end of everything, it’s for our own good.
Do you have friends like this? Show them more love and acceptance just like how God shows us. Our friends may manipulate us to follow their actions, but if there’s a voice on your heart telling you not to allow it, just inform them firmly you wouldn’t want to have it this way. This is already a great help for their healing process. They will respect you in the end instead. We will bring them nearer to disaster, if we give in to everything they want.
Sometimes we love people in a wrong way. We need to balance what’s right and wrong. Love people with the right values and works. It doesn’t matter if they’re not happy with your answer, but what’s important is that your heart is guarded from fear, lies and things that do not have values of living.
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