Your breasts and penises are pure.

Have you ever wondered how people can end up selling their bodies for cash? After all, no child would ever say that their life’s ambition is to become a prostitute or give in their bodies to someone known at at club! What happened between then and now that caused such a drastic change in behaviour?

Many factors can lead up to a person making such a decision with giving away the purity of themselves, but the heart of the matter is that they simply never knew the true value of their bodies.

Giving your body parts to a partner has been made to seem common and ‘normal’ by the media, especially movies. Even blockbuster movies that are well directed and promote laudable values such as heroism in Titanic, showcase the male actor having sexual moments with the actress. They portray sex to be a ‘must’ in order to prove that their love for each other is real. Have you ever considered that while we watch the degradation of morals, the directors are laughing their way to the banks?

Although most of us have become sexually active before marriage, many of us never intended to take this route. This is a testament to how pervasive the media can be, breaking so many personal resolutions to ‘save themselves’ for their partners. And why have we allowed the media to do this? True, the media provides us with many good hours of solid entertainment and many celebrities have become successful in their careers thanks to the media, but what of their lives? How many of our well loved stars are maintaining healthy marriages or decent lives? Are they good examples for us to follow? Yet we continually let them tell us how to run our lives. Did you know? Not even ONE of the directors who trivialise sex or support the porn industry has a successful marriage or sex life. Doesn’t this give us a very clear indication of the nature of their hearts? They simply do not care about the preciousness of a women’s body or the integrity of men.

If you are sexually active, do not feel condemned. It is a sorry state that society is in, but we need to be aware of the trap many of us are in, that is the media. You can return to your previous values and perceptions today. It does not matter what others think because at the end of the day, it is your own personal relationship and happiness that you are saving.

People may “insult” you saying it’s vitally important to be “open minded”. But truthfully, they do not know what they’re TALKING ABOUT. They actually meant that it’s a need to sacrifice our own purity for fitting into the fallen root cause of a relationship. Whom have we known so far, has given in their purity before commitment and had permanent lasting relationships? NONE.


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