Partying is ok and enjoyable once in awhile. Dosen’t mean drugs and alcohol poisoning have perverted the scene means the real joy and dance experience is not there. Most of the time, because of the various danger possibilities clubbing can give, it is vital to know how to party wisely.

A wise clubber should never over drink their limit nor MIX different types of drinks together.

Do you know that beer + wine + champange + hard liquor = deadly cocktail?

It’s no wonder people have died from alcohol poisioning not just in parties, but ON WEDDINGS too. If you are a paper reader everyday, you would have known many such cases- people dying either on the wedding night itself or after it,  which is real sad. So avoid hardcore mixture. If you have champange, have it all the way, probably with abit of wine is ok.

It’s foolish to brag about how much one can drink. Tolerance may be of different limits for everyone, BUT the health damages are the SAME to all who over drinks. The alcohol poision dosen’t choose who to kill or who not to. Drink wisely! Here’s a safe guide to the limits:

1 to 2 glasses advisably.

3 to 4 for intermediate party goers.

Less than 5glasses for “strong”  tolerance people. Anything above will harm your health surely.


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