The Enigma in Pop music

We live in an age where information is freely shared and can be researched almost fully online. Many things mentioned here can be easily verified after your own research too.

The following must be read with an open heart. Do not only believe what’s stated without a personal research that can be done anytime by Googling “The power of subliminal messages” . There are dozens of sites that proves such findings.

Some music can be like fast food. What’ve we been eating?

One of the major unseen terrors that affect our mental mind and health are manipulative songs from the music industry. Before the mp3 players or Compact Discs (CD) were created, cassettes were used to play an artist’s song on a cassette player; the very well-known ‘walkman’.

Many recording studios from look normal on the outside, but behind closed doors lie their directors who are worshippers of the Satanic cult by inner governments ESPECIALLY in countries who believe in freedom of speech. They have knowledge of plantingg hidden mind-manipulating messages within a song recording. Often, songs from various artists contain such subliminal messages when the song is played in REVERSE on a cassette player. It often will sound like: “Satan rules” or “Worship Me, hate God!”.

How will these messages  affect on listeners? The same way we are affected now. Today, we need no cassette players to play the songs in reverse to get the full effects. The mind manipulating level has advanced tremendously. Listening to any song played, e.g.: Lady gaga-  - will affect our mental mood and behaviours, and eventually our decisions and emotions will be heavily influenced.  The problem is we don’t feel it’s ‘stage-managing’ our thoughts and decisions.

Just like eating Macdonald’s, there are tons evidence showing the negative effects of eating junk food, but we choose to ignore it and feel that it should be ‘safe’ because there are so already so many franchises in the world. Little do we know, how shocked we will be upon researching on the effects of eating junk food.

Any artists whose songs shows angry remorseful lyrics with a help along music video which gives the scary or errie feeling, is there to harm us subconciously. All subliminal messages in songs have the same motive – to make us dependent on self, and not rely or seek GOD for anything. But how vitally important is this? It doesn’t sound bad does it, to depend on ourselves? Take a look at the ‘Stumbling Stages’ we go through upon listening to such songs:

1)      Listen and get emotionally affected by a song. Be it a ‘high’ sad or happy feeling.

2)       We enjoy the song and we feel we have a power and will to rise independently.

3)       We seek to strive hard in our own lives and will be proud of it.

4)      Because it’s ‘my own world’,’me’,’I’,’self’ and ‘myself’ only, we will be angry to have the thought that God exists.

5)      We will then be angry with people telling us of a loving God. Strongly rejecting the thought of being helped by something we can’t even see.

6)      When things don’t go the way we intend, we may develop depression, anxiety, sometimes leading to suicide when something in our life goes wrong. Because ultimately, we will realise that there is no one to turn to. Any psychiatrists can explain best – that we humans fall into self-condemnation easily. And often punish ourselves when the punishment can’t be brought elsewhere.

The reasons of many setbacks in life is not due to how bad a person we were, as seriously no one born in this world would want to fail. The big cause is that we’ve been listening to too many songs with strong subliminal messages from the media, especially the radio. Why would younger children not be affected? Because they don’t read and feel the lyrics and rhythm as sensitively as we adults would.  Mostly, months after being exposed to such music, we eventually do not believe in a God at all, who can actually be EASILY experienced and felt if we open our hearts to Him.

No God = No protection. We have to do and achieve everything on our own. It sounds good news for a realistic and ambitious person. The sad truth is – self effort can only go so far. We were created not to ‘help ourselves’. But live life with help from above. Why do good people die? This is one of the reasons. Constant rejection of heavenly divine help.

So is there a cure? Can we possibly avoid all ‘satanic’ music? The answer is, OF COURSE NOT. With the current culture and trend we are living in, people who believe in God can’t even escape wearing branded clothing or carrying iPhones. What’s wrong with owning these brands? Because many of these corporations are heavily involved in child slavery labour, producing their goods and have caused many laborious deaths for people who get paid peanuts. This is actually an open fact taught even in schools and varsities especially in business courses.

And truthfully after knowing all these facts, we will think it is STILL SAFE to listen to such songs. Just like Macdonald’s – there are already so many people having it out there in the world. We have been eating the wrong stuff!

The only cure today is getting God’s protection so that even if we listen to the music a thousand times, it will still not drive us to make emotional decisions when we reach milestones in our lives. As  powerful as people can describe how satanic a song is, its only motive and power is to make us believe that God is only a myth and He’s busy far-far away.

Artistes who broke off from the occultist recording companies.

When Michael died in 2009, it was reported to be of natural causes, but this is not true. The media has always had the intention to end his career and life ever since he refused to do more songs containing subliminal messages in the early 90s. He had a great influence over people and the media would loose billions of dollars if he did not produce such music to influence the world to spend more on books and medicine etc.

There are competent television interviews on Islam Tv programs that proves people from the media in America are trying to kill him legally. Unfortunately most of us are only informed by our poor local media, which only get its sources from the mastermind media themselves in America.

Michael also believed in God during that time, so the media framed him with the infamous child molestation charges. Slowly and being VERY naturally, they injected malfunctions to his skin condition during medical treatments, causing him to virtually bleach himself more white than ever, causing the controversy of him rejecting his African American roots. The media gave him millions and built his fame. They can also do ANYTHING – black or white, to write him off when he does not follow contracts.

The same arrangement was made for his death – evidence of bruises can be found on his body after his doctor did CPR on him. He was incidentally ‘injured’ by his doctor. His doctor even gave him an overdose of drug.

Why do subliminal messages against God have such great effects on the music industry? Because there is a trillion dollar demand for businesses, books, medicine and other trades for people without God.

The same fate may await Lady Gaga and other artistes if they ever backed out from such contracts. Do you see the picture?

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