Avoid The Puffs

During World War Two, many victims of Singapore were kept in Changi Prison for months and years. After the Japanese’s surrender in 1945, the prisoners were finally released back to freedom.  That may seem like good news right? In fact, one might even say it was the best thing that could ever happen for them. Strangely, many of the prisoners were so psychologically affected that many refused to leave the prison. They were so traumatised by the events that led up to their capture that they were not brave enough to return to their original environment. They believed that the prison was the only place they could be and saw no other possibility of a different life. It was only until plenty of counselling and love was shown to them that they were able to go back to normal life. Their minds had become their prison.

We can liken the above situation the victims faced to smoking. Have you ever wanted to quit smoking one day and kept asking yourself what the secret is? The secret is, there is NO secret! All you need is a willing heart. Many people have tried to quit, many times, but still go back to the habit because smoking simply is just that – a habit. Smokers tell themselves they need it to calm the nerves but psychologically, it is really the urge to suck on the cigarette and the smell that causes our minds to attach calmness with taking a puff. Furthermore, the accumulated pressures of life make us believe that we are doing ourselves a favour by smoking to ease our stress. It’s all in the mind.

So what exactly does smoking do to you, if it is not ‘calming’ us down?

We’ve heard it all before, but the facts still hold true – Smoking makes us smellier and pollutes our blood like how wastes pollute a beautiful clear aquarium. Research has shown that 10 out of 10 people who puffed for the first time will either experience headaches or dizziness.

How harmful it can be? No elaboration is needed on the ingredients inside a stick because in short, it is full of poison. We may have heard some elder ‘heroes’ who have been smoking for decades but claim to be in the pink of health. How true is it, really? Let’s stop being naïve but look beyond mere words. When poison is introduced into a well designed system like our bodies, something is bound to go dreadfully wrong…


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