Are you on the lawyer’s charge, or the Judge’s decision?

The commonly stressed out question: Why do bad things happen to good people? God is not fair yet the evil one is not being dealt with.

Answer? BECAUSE we accepted the lawyer’s charges against us. Who is the lawyer? Satan and his fallen angels; which is all the names in powers of darkness you’ll ever hear of.

Do you know what does Satan or the Devil means? It simply means ACCUSER. In original terms it simply implies he’s the lawyer. He accuses us for breaking God’s law that governs the world. And it’s TRUE we all broke it. But what kind of laws? It is from the mildest sin of anger, to the worst which is murder. When someone is accused and charge in court, they will be guilty even if they do not admit the FACT they’ve committed it.

The High Court is a very serious place and how much more the Spiritual Court of God and the devil; where all eyes sees the wrong we did.

We do wonder how come bad things happen to good people,  but do you really know how “good” they were?

Your friends will say that he or she only back stab people via word of mouth but never physically kills people with a knife. But even bad-mouthing is as SERIOUS as murder in the standards of Heaven and Hell.

In all that a guilty person deserves, is death itself. But death usually doesn’t come like that. It usually starts with depression, financial lack, illnesses or a bad life. All these are caused by the power of darkness whom has the right to enforce such punishment to everyone.

BUT the good news is God did not charge it on us, as someone has paid for it 2010 years ago at the Cross. He is JESUS CHRIST. Jesus has been punished on the Cross for the sins of all men. God settled the sin issue but the devil brings it out because he wants all men to be condemned by their sins and live a defeated life.

So when a person consistently rejects the fact that his sins are forgiven, the laws of the world have to take place. We can’t expect someone to dash through the red traffic light forever without being killed on the road one day.

In a court – If the judge (God) already pleaded the guilty victim NOT GUILTY, the best advice for the victim being charged(us) is to accept the innocence declaration and NOT go plea he’s still guilty even that someone(Jesus) went to jail on behalf of his crimes.

Stop accepting charges from anyone today. May it be from a human – your relative telling you that you have no hope for a good future. Or from a spiritual Being – a fortune teller, deciding your life’s fate and death time for you. YOU OWE NO ONE, NOTHING. You are ALREADY forgiven because Jesus has paid for you with blood and flesh being whipped and teared. Though free of charge, it was at a very great cost. The best thing we can do is to accept it and say “Thank You God!”

In a prison execution, do you know that a CRIMINAL CAN BE SET FREE if he survives his hanging or electrical chair? This is almost an impossibility but such rare cases do happen around the world. So- JESUS DIED from our sins on the cross and was raised from Death itself, because Death could not hold a sinless Being, He’s alive today in Heaven taking care of the world. Our sins or so called “crimes” were paid and executed justifiably. Why do you think there’s no anti-God in the world, but only anti-Christ? Because the devil is too afraid for people to know our crimes are being paid. He always comes in as a lawyer to throw our crimes at us to the judge. But we have another supreme lawyer who stamped our cases with the word ‘INNOCENT’ with his own BLOOD. Therefore the judge says to the devil: “CASE DISMISSED!”

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