Disasters From GOD?

It can’t be more serious than loosing your family or love ones in an earthquake, typhoon or flood. Our heart feels for them deeply. And insurance companies together with ‘logical’ experts will call it ‘Acts of God’. This gives even lesser hope for the hurting ones whose only remedy is a greater love to fill their hearts; which only GOD can give.

It’s a great doubt for us, whom at least believed a portion of this lie from the pit of hell. So who caused the flood if not GOD? The evil one? No. It was the consequences of sin. What sin? Who sin? What damn sin is there to cause such devasting and tragic times? No need to bring GOD in, the law of cause and effects can already explain it well- What goes around comes around.

We can NEVER blame the Ministry of  Health if someone has cancer due to smoking. It’s nature’s effects ‘payback’.

GOD made us to be Human BEINGS, not DOINGS. Hence everyone will have a free will to accept His existence and protection. Meaning – We can’t expect to be taken care off if we run away from home, just because we don’t believe the existence of our parents.

So, being Human BEING, we have the free will to do ANYTHING. As we’ve already seen all sorts of ‘stunts’ done around the world. GOD can’t stop people committing evil acts, He has NO RIGHTS to stop us. Hence, the world’s law HAS to reflect the consequences sin has had on creation. So the Earth groans with pain and unleashes its side effects – NATURAL DISASTERS.

History is repeating itself - For years, GOD has sent warnings and pleaded with people to have their sins removed by receiving Him. But many will not even buy the idea of a GOD, who has done His part more than we can ever gauge.

Yes, many people love to live life alone without the idea of GOD, nothing to blame because EVERYONE will be like this before. But GOD never leaves us ALONE to suffer. His great love for us being His creations, we’ll always be guided to the truth for protection. But it’s still up to individuals to let down their pride to acknowledge Him.

The worst that could happen is an unbeliever dying in a disaster. But the amazing thing that could have happen before they die - The Mercy of GOD cleansing their sins by the Blood of Jesus; bringing their Spirit to Heaven.

Are you aware that NO GOOD PERSON goes to heaven? Only FORGIVEN people are in heaven. This is a shock isn’t it? No, many people already knew it actually. Let’s face it, as good as a person can be, there is bound to be closed doors sins and disfunctionality of the person.

Being good for intergrity and living is a must. But we must not naively believe people’s opinions that being good can bring us to heaven. Because there can’t be even a spot of sin when a spirit enters heaven. Humans judge one another and compare the level of sinfulness according to their standards, not GOD’s. Examples? A girl can compare with a prostitute, saying that selling one’s body is dirty, but she herself who studies university have fornication with her school mates are cleaner – BOTH are equally immoral. A women can be evil minded wearing fully-clothed dresses comparing to another humble and gentle women wearing little, exposing her sexy figure - BOTH needs a change of mindsets! A man can hate gays and lesbians but he himself have sex before marriage to a girl - BOTH are equally wrong!  See how cruel man and society judges one another? Instead of forgiving and loving one another GOD’s way.

That’s the whole purpose for Jesus’ sacrifice for us, His blood shed means our SINS ARE PAID, no one has to pay for themselves anymore! Do you realise there is no ANTI-GOD in this world, but ONLY ANTI-CHRIST? This explains for cults to be formed – they DON’T WANT you to enjoy life on earth and go to heaven.

Disasters would have happened more often and far worse if GOD did not hold His hand back to block it.

Now the million dollar question - GOD did flood the earth during Noah’s Ark time, how can we say He doesn’t create disasters?

The simple answer - He flooded the earth to wipe out all the mutated hybrids called Nephilims, not us HUMANS! By the way are you also aware that HELL was created for Satan & his fallen angels, not us? GOD does not send people to HELL, they go there on their own choice.
So, Noah and his 100%  human families were protected safely in the giant ark which he built. NO HUMAN were harmed in ANY WAY during the great flood of Noah’s time. Does this make our eyes open now? We’ve been believing a lie from the stereotypical opinions of people whom want to sound good by saying God flooded the earth to kill all sinful humans. It’s very easy to say GOD judges and punishes. People make thousands and millions by writing books about it and creating denominations to potray GOD in another way which scares and pisses people off.

Now at least we know GOD is GOOD all the way and NOTHING bad comes from Him. Will we get deceived again if someone says bad thing according to their own or friend’s opinion? Live the truth! It’s the best revenge you can have for the enemy.

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