Welcome to EVERYTHING. Why and what is it about?

Take a $50 note, crush, spit saliva on it and then step it with your shoes.
After that, think - Is the note still of value to you and will you throw it away?

Of course not. That’s how valuable we are to Him above.

About  The Everything Skit.

A sure touching performing-art that will tear you out, if you watch it with an open heart.

Forget the billions of dollars spent on producing films and all-star lineups. Multi-tiered movie theaters and box office ads weren’t needed to promote and draw more than 6 million views of a five-minute skit online.

The “Lifehouse Everything Skit,” performed by Mission Baltimorewith music by Lifehouse, has deeply moved the hearts and souls of the people all over the world, and the only “hook” pulling people toward it is a revelation/realisation of a forgiving and embracing GOD.

Watch it to EXPERIENCE IT!

God can’t be learnt nor reasoned with books & lessons, but ONLY EXPERIENCED with an open heart.

Regardless of race, language or faiths, EVERYTHING brings you a big step closer to being loved, valued and awake to the current situation you are in. There is a HOPE for everything you are going through.

Regardless of ranks, statures and heights, EVERYTHING will speak to you in your own individual way. Everyone’s revelation will be different after seeing it.

Regardless of small or big, rich or poor, nothing melts your heart like this.

The blog’s topics were expounded from the simple 5minute skit.

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