You look beautiful

How often we feel condemned of not having that perfect body and looks. The good news is – we have been fooled by visuals. Advertisements are not wrong to use a slim or fit model showcasing their product. It’s monetary issues and they have to do everything to ensure it works. But it’s so wrong when you feel that you are not looking like them. Don’t you know the pictures are all being touched up before? The colours are corrected, scars and pimples are cleaned off by design softwares. And 10 out of 10 persons using the product will NEVER look like the picture as advertised. Probably only a rare few will have that figure or flawless look when they have make up on and take a photo with it. Camera angle plays a big part too. How many times we realise the celebrity we saw isn’t as cool as on the TV screen?

You too will look superbly modelistic when you go on to the camera with thick flawless make-up on. So stop feeling sorry for yourself that you’re never going to amount to that dream look.

You have your own unique look and the whole world is waiting for your next adventure. Do something extraordinary  good to the society whereby it’ll be more respectable and popular than just looking good alone. If you’re in the society long enough, you’ll realise that looking good can only last a short moment.


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