Our sad brought ups

Our sad brought ups

When the zoo's forests were burnt in Africa several years...

  • Our sad brought ups

    When the zoo's forests were burnt in Africa several years...

  • Dying is not the answer

    See recent tragic suicide case: http://www.onlineusanews.com/alviss-kong-22-year-old-malaysian-committed-suicide-6632.php Countless people especially teens have...

The revival of Ancient god – Osiris

The video below this article, will be one of the most astounding reality you will ever discover. Some points may have been known by conspiracy theorists, but now it all blends together.

There are 36 levels of authorities that the President of the United States must submit to, before making any speech or planning any war. These authorities are mostly elite bankers and rich tycoons that controls the world, whom they created religions, technologies, medical industries, stock markets and financial dollar system. Call them the “Illuminati”, “Freemasons” or “satanists”. Whatever they are called, they are being blinded by strong demonic forces working to revive the spirit of an ancient fallen deity called OSIRIS.

OSIRIS – be it a good god or an evil god, he has only one motive: To blind the people of earth to worship him instead of the one TRUE GOD. The fall of Adam and Eve began when Satan tricked them to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge of GOOD & EVIL instead of the TREE OF LIFE. Meaning, KNOWING GOOD & EVIL won’t save you, ONLY LIFE can save us,  and GOD is LIFE.

The same trick is being used on us today, to wants us to feed from the tree of knowledge of good & evil instead of the Tree of Life. Fallen deities cannot save us from hell upon death. OSRIS wants the souls of humans to join his other fallen deities in Hell instead. Since the world’s system is being controlled by the rich elites and bankers whom influence was from OSIRIS, this fallen deity’s spirit has also influenced their business modules’ main purpose – which is to destroy our GOD-made DNA. This is happening all over the world, e.g.:

  • Medical sectors. Western Medicine is destroying more health and eliminating Chinese Medicine which is the only natural way to cure illness & diseases.
  • Food Poisoning. Even fruits that are non organically grown will be affected with CANCEROUS pesticides.
  • Technologies. From basic electrical lighting to even the mobile phones that we use contains radiation, that shortens our age lifespans. It is cancerous too.
  • Forced DNA change. Manipulated and programmed cells have been part of our main ingredients in healthy foods. These cells have an intelligence beyond high-level that it could change our DNA over the years, sometimes in a few months. Making us to behave differently to how we were created by GOD. E.g: Homosexuality.  End your research and debate on homosexuality; for the main ‘course’(cause)  is food intake. A religious pastor may say: “NO, GOD didn’t make you born that way, you must change!” Yes, of course GOD created everyone equal. But these corporations through perverted food ingredients have changed our cells. It is a NATURAL cause and homosexuality cannot be ‘CURED’ as what most religious nuts claimed. (See video to verify).

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Are you on the lawyer’s charge, or the Judge’s decision?

The commonly stressed out question: Why do bad things happen to good people? God is not fair yet the evil one is not being dealt with.

Answer? BECAUSE we accepted the lawyer’s charges against us. Who is the lawyer? Satan and his fallen angels; which is all the names in powers of darkness you’ll ever hear of.

Do you know what does Satan or the Devil means? It simply means ACCUSER. In original terms it simply implies he’s the lawyer. He accuses us for breaking God’s law that governs the world. And it’s TRUE we all broke it. But what kind of laws? It is from the mildest sin of anger, to the worst which is murder. When someone is accused and charge in court, they will be guilty even if they do not admit the FACT they’ve committed it.

The High Court is a very serious place and how much more the Spiritual Court of God and the devil; where all eyes sees the wrong we did.

We do wonder how come bad things happen to good people,  but do you really know how “good” they were?

Your friends will say that he or she only back stab people via word of mouth but never physically kills people with a knife. But even bad-mouthing is as SERIOUS as murder in the standards of Heaven and Hell.

In all that a guilty person deserves, is death itself. But death usually doesn’t come like that. It usually starts with depression, financial lack, illnesses or a bad life. All these are caused by the power of darkness whom has the right to enforce such punishment to everyone.

BUT the good news is God did not charge it on us, as someone has paid for it 2010 years ago at the Cross. He is JESUS CHRIST. Jesus has been punished on the Cross for the sins of all men. God settled the sin issue but the devil brings it out because he wants all men to be condemned by their sins and live a defeated life.

So when a person consistently rejects the fact that his sins are forgiven, the laws of the world have to take place. We can’t expect someone to dash through the red traffic light forever without being killed on the road one day.

In a court – If the judge (God) already pleaded the guilty victim NOT GUILTY, the best advice for the victim being charged(us) is to accept the innocence declaration and NOT go plea he’s still guilty even that someone(Jesus) went to jail on behalf of his crimes.

Stop accepting charges from anyone today. May it be from a human – your relative telling you that you have no hope for a good future. Or from a spiritual Being – a fortune teller, deciding your life’s fate and death time for you. YOU OWE NO ONE, NOTHING. You are ALREADY forgiven because Jesus has paid for you with blood and flesh being whipped and teared. Though free of charge, it was at a very great cost. The best thing we can do is to accept it and say “Thank You God!”

In a prison execution, do you know that a CRIMINAL CAN BE SET FREE if he survives his hanging or electrical chair? This is almost an impossibility but such rare cases do happen around the world. So- JESUS DIED from our sins on the cross and was raised from Death itself, because Death could not hold a sinless Being, He’s alive today in Heaven taking care of the world. Our sins or so called “crimes” were paid and executed justifiably. Why do you think there’s no anti-God in the world, but only anti-Christ? Because the devil is too afraid for people to know our crimes are being paid. He always comes in as a lawyer to throw our crimes at us to the judge. But we have another supreme lawyer who stamped our cases with the word ‘INNOCENT’ with his own BLOOD. Therefore the judge says to the devil: “CASE DISMISSED!”

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A lie we have believed from Hell

Think of this senario: We have a new friend in school or at work. We hardly talk to him; probably only once a year. And suddenly you saw this person gossiping to your friends and he even pointed to your direction. You knew something not good is taking place; probably he’s back-stabbing you?

But the next day, the person threw a suprise party for you, together with your friends, because it was your birthday!! So they weren’t talking behind you all the while! And now you feel that burden dropped off. Now, what you FELT BEFORE dosen’t prove REAL. The real fact is – you’ve been believing a LIE!

You are probably regretting and blaming life’s unfairness and cruelty.  We push it to God instead of the devil mostly. Little do we know, we do not understand what standing ground we’re on and who’s on our side at all. Here’s the fact – The devil is AGAINST us. GOD is FOR US.?

The devil is powerless
No matter what impression we have of God and the devil from movies, it’s not based on truth. It’s only the director’s point of view. And sad to say many have been influenced and brainwashed thinking the devil is all powerful, hence it really gave the devil itself to bring fear and destruction to most people’s lives.

Sorry to disappoint horror movie fans, but the truth is that there is NO WAR at all between God and the devil. What does it means? Simply – a created Being can never overthrow its creator. All devils and demons were once beautiful angels, but they themselves lost their powers after going against God. They were kicked off from Heaven and their bodies began to deform itself becoming very rotten and ugly. The devil has not even a 0.001% chance against God at all.

So if someone is powerless, what can he do in order to have power? BY FOOLING others that he has power and others will be intimidated to loose their authorites. Till today, the devil fool us by putting fear and false doctrines to our minds and books, hence they have control over our lives because we “give” them permission to.

If the Devil is powerless, why can’t GOD stop bad things from happening? Why is life still in misery? Because God did not create robots. We are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS. And because our free-will believes in a lie, we hardly have authority over ourselves and our own destiny. Motivational talks and seminars always encourages people to think positive and expecting (preparation) for a good future. Sad to say, it only can be true till a certain extend because the powers of darkness can still have the right to destroy lives.

We may ask of what about those whom succeeded in life being rich and famous? It dosen’t really matter if they believe in the lie or not, correct?  The truth is, what makes us think that they are happy, compared to an average citizen earning an average pay cheque monthly? What we see is only the outside, not the inner secret life. A person who can’t handle $100 can never handle a thousand.  Have we ever envied any millionaire celebrities? Surely we did, but see this - how many Hollywood rich stars have a good life after being rich and famous? If you worked with them, you’d know it’s NONE. Many caught wih financial and marriage downfalls.

THE BIGGEST  LIE FROM HELL: YOU ARE NOT GOD’s! (You don’t belong to Him)

The biggest mistake in life is not failing to accomplish ceratin things, BUT is to believe a lie. The same lie that ‘We are not God’s‘ was made to our greatest grandparents Adam and Eve. Ever heard of the story? – How Satan pulled the whole of creation down with Adam by fooling him to eat the apple.


It can’t be an apple that caused creation to fall? Can it?

So what lie did Satan used to FOOL Adam and Eve, which empowered all powers of darkness in this world? What’s this eating of one stupid apple have  such a big impact to us all? Here’s the answer – Satan told Adam and Eve that THEY WILL BE LIKE GOD if they eat the apple.

Do you see the problem here?

Adam and Eve WERE GOD’S!! Why do they need to be like GOD?
It’s as good as you needing a sacrifice to prove that you are your parents’. It’s redundant. You BELONG to your Mum and Dad!

Man made organisations makes people work hard to get to GOD. Always portraying GOD far far away.

The the act of eating the apple made Adam and Eve forfeited their high ground standing when they believed what Satan said. GOD created the earth for man, but man gave the key to Satan  to bring sin in. Since then, we are living on a fallen Earth where death and decay occurs. Every generation’s action will determine the next’s fate. Satan sold Adam and Eve a package so impressive and untruthful, they both believed him. Today the same thing is happening via media and “this person say, that person say” instead of what GOD says about us- We’re HIS!
Are we eating what man, devil or religion tells us to do, instead of following our hearts? We can be FREE from the curse of life by knowing  that the devil has no power over us.

God’s love for us man is so great that all demonic forces HATES us. Although we do not have the strength and abilities to travel at speed of light like angels, WE ARE placed ABOVE THEM in GOD’s hieracy. Know this fact before we decide to tattoo or use any demonic visuals in our lives. It’s as good as a CEO of a company who had gone insane, thinking that his staffs owns the company. He then needs to wear tshirts which have the staffs’ faces to make sure he’s still part of his own company.

Knowing all these facts will now help you decide who should run your own life. And GOD will help you out, just wait and see what He can do. Miracles will happen as you believe the right facts.

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A common factor when a Girl falls in love with another girl and likewise for guys with guys. If you have friends who have the same sexual preferences, note that it is not their fault.

There are research after research and thesis after thesis of opinions. Seriously, whatever the cause – May it be natural or caused by peer pressures; there is no need for a “cure” as what religious or man-made organisations proclaimed.

Man only set laws according to their knowledge, not God’s.

What does it mean?

For example – Some Parents in China or even in Singapore will disown their children because they are homosexuals. And if it’s because of strict Family & Religion values, their poor children will grow up NEVER wanting to acknowledge them or even God ever again.

Think – is it really God’s values or man’s values?  Then how to justify their parents’ behaviors?  If we take time to notice, these parents can gossip and be angry about people around them often.

As clear as God’s laws indicates – being angry is as good as stabbing someone with a knife - literally! It is equal to murder; which is as wrong as being a homosexual.

Some people who condemns homosexuals don’t even clean their home’s cups when serving drinks to their guests. Germs and dirt could cause their guest to be sick. It’s really SICK to make people sick. And as far as God’s law is concerned, one who doesn’t love their neighbor properly is breaking the holy commandments and is punishable.

Do you get the picture now?
Society is always striving what’s right and wrong according to their knowledge, yet not knowing the biggest wrong is to put God OUT of our text books. Just because they don’t see God means they can see their brains physically too.
Same goes to religious organisations who have movements to anti such groups of people just to get into the good books of government bodies, not knowing that most governments are run by Satanists that manipulates society today.

But one may ask isn’t it obvious God don’t allow homosexual? According to God’s law – Jesus died paid for the punishment for someone being a homosexual. He/she  is forgiven and free. The rest of the walk to heal and define their gender likings is between him/her and God, not man.

How right or wrong is someone, liking the same gender? If God accepts them for who they are, then let no man condemn it. Man made organisations always puts such sexuality in a “lower” class than the normal straight people, YET they allow SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE as long one is above 16 years old. Do you see the fact about laws? Man chooses what is “right” in their eyes for them, not God.

What if you have friends who like the same gender for the rest of their life? If they ever want to turn straight,  it’s gonna be more love and care of the individual from God Himself that could let him or her decide, rather than man-made opinions.

Nevertheless, NEVER let Nay-Sayers’ opinions tell you that turning straight is never possible because one is never able to handle the opposite sex’s private parts – like a women’s vaigina or a man’s penis.

Here’s a secret nay-Sayers don’t know – Sex was never a need for you to perform during dating.

Who needs to be able to accept the opposite gender’s private parts? Who told you such ‘must’ is a need? You can never DARE nor WANT to speed your car at 200kmph on a small 60km road. You only speed at its MAX above 200kmph on an OFFICIAL racing track and experience FULLY on it. Let no one fool you likewise.

Courtship brings romance, romance brings desires and commitment, it then brings marriage, marriage brings in true love which results in the highest moments, which will be sex.
To ‘must’ know how to have sex and a ‘need’ for it, is all based on the lie of media and movies where the creators themselves have HUGE sexual and marriage failures. Yet we shouldn’t even have them influence us how to live a proper life.

See it now?

Continue to be who you are and trust God to find you an opposite sex partner effortlessly. Make history today.

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Avoid The Puffs

During World War Two, many victims of Singapore were kept in Changi Prison for months and years. After the Japanese’s surrender in 1945, the prisoners were finally released back to freedom.  That may seem like good news right? In fact, one might even say it was the best thing that could ever happen for them. Strangely, many of the prisoners were so psychologically affected that many refused to leave the prison. They were so traumatised by the events that led up to their capture that they were not brave enough to return to their original environment. They believed that the prison was the only place they could be and saw no other possibility of a different life. It was only until plenty of counselling and love was shown to them that they were able to go back to normal life. Their minds had become their prison.

We can liken the above situation the victims faced to smoking. Have you ever wanted to quit smoking one day and kept asking yourself what the secret is? The secret is, there is NO secret! All you need is a willing heart. Many people have tried to quit, many times, but still go back to the habit because smoking simply is just that – a habit. Smokers tell themselves they need it to calm the nerves but psychologically, it is really the urge to suck on the cigarette and the smell that causes our minds to attach calmness with taking a puff. Furthermore, the accumulated pressures of life make us believe that we are doing ourselves a favour by smoking to ease our stress. It’s all in the mind.

So what exactly does smoking do to you, if it is not ‘calming’ us down?

We’ve heard it all before, but the facts still hold true – Smoking makes us smellier and pollutes our blood like how wastes pollute a beautiful clear aquarium. Research has shown that 10 out of 10 people who puffed for the first time will either experience headaches or dizziness.

How harmful it can be? No elaboration is needed on the ingredients inside a stick because in short, it is full of poison. We may have heard some elder ‘heroes’ who have been smoking for decades but claim to be in the pink of health. How true is it, really? Let’s stop being naïve but look beyond mere words. When poison is introduced into a well designed system like our bodies, something is bound to go dreadfully wrong…

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